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SUBJECT1: What Phrase Turns People On More Than Any Other?
SUBJECT2: This one thing builds up more sexual tension than anything else
SUBJECT3: This is guaranteed to turn her on
What phrase turns your partner on more than any other?
If your sweetheart lost all inhibitions, what “naughty” act would he or she want to try?
Would your beloved get turned on if you shampooed your pubic hair and then neatly trimmed it for you?
You might not know the answers to these questions but imagine if you did. How turned on would you get?
There is an easy way to find out the answer to your partner’s most secretive, lustful feelings and fantasies. Ask.
Well, just coming out and asking might be….. awkward.
Just coming out of the blue and asking these potentially risky questions can actually sabotage the intimacy. I have discovered a much better way.
My friend Michael Webb (one of Oprah’s favorite relationship and intimacy experts) has come up with an incredible list of 500 Intimate Questions for Couples.
These questions are professionally designed from Michael’s 20-plus years of experience in helping couples in this area. He wisely lays out the questions in the right order so that you begin in safe territory and build trust before the really deep and erotic questions come up.
I’ve heard some really powerful stories from men and women who have used these questions to not only connect deeply, but to have the hottest, passionate nights of their lives.
You can get access to the 500 questions right here:
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P.S. In my personal experience and from the stories my readers have shared, asking just a few of these questions will probably build up a LOT of sexual tension. So be prepared for what will likely follow.
These questions will light a fire - use wisely!

2nd Email Swipe
Subject 1: For a great night, put these next to your bed
Subject 2: Tips for helping those shy in the bedroom to open up
Subject 3: Do you know the answers to these intimate questions?
I’ve enjoyed reading the comments from many of you who had wonderful success with the 500 Intimate Questions for Couples.
A few men noted that this has been the best form of foreplay for their wife.
As I have shared before, in order for a woman to fully open up sexually, there must be a deep connection with her partner. Just rolling over in bed and saying “let’s get it on” is not going to make her soaking wet and likely to have multiple explosive O’s. But talking about your thoughts, dreams, desires and ultimately your fantasies will.
One couple mentioned how they printed off the questions and put them next to their bed and each night they ask about 8-10 of the questions and they are now having the hottest love-making sessions of their 23 year marriage.
Some of the questions are indeed quite lurid and lusty. If either you or your partner is extremely shy about some of these subjects then we recommend starting off with a couple glasses of wine and maybe a soak in a large bath or hot tub.
Also, lowering the lights and lighting candles will often help the more timid to open up and relax.
We are grateful that Michael Webb has already done all the hard work and has prepared the 500 most important intimate questions.
You can get them from his website here and start using them tonight.
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P.S. Michael has made us a special bonus pack to give to our subscribers but will only make it available for a limited time.
3rd Email
Subject 1: #1 Test for Sexual Compatibility
Subject 2: Does His Foot Fit in Her Slipper?
Subject 3: How do I know if we are sexually compatible?
Here is a recent question that came in.
Dear _________ –
Can you give me any suggestions to find out if I am sexually “compatible” with someone without taking the risk of having sex to find out. I don’t want to have sex multiple times with multiple partners in order to discover our compatibility.
- L.C.
Dear L.C. –
Decades ago there was this belief that being sexually compatible meant that his penis fit just right into her vulva – like a foot being the right size for the glass slipper.
I’m glad we’ve all wised up on that.
Just like you will never find the “perfect” partner, you will never find a “perfect” sexual match. The reason is that you both will change over the years. Each of your hormone levels will rise and fall. Your bodies will alter over time. Your sexual needs and desires will change with the decades.
So you should not be looking for someone who wants to have sex the exact number of times a week as you do or has all the same “fetishes” or fantasies. That changes.
What you should look for is someone who has the same views and general sexual desires as you. And you don’t need to boink someone to find that out.
But you will need to ask the right questions. You’ll need to know about their past sexual experiences, how they view sex inside a committed relationship and yes, knowing how often they desire “release” and some of their fantasies would be quite telling.
A great resource we recommend is 500 Intimate Questions for Couples. I guarantee that if you and your partner honestly answer the questions you’ll know with 99% certainty whether you are compatible or not.

Get the questions here
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P.S. For a limited time there are some extra bonuses on the 500 Questions website. So check it out today.
SUBJECT: Why Deep Intimacy is Lacking in Most Relationships
SUBJECT: 3 Steps to More Rewarding Intimacy
It is understandable why so few couples reach the level of
deep, deep intimacy.
Vulnerability can be downright scary.
Perhaps you've been hurt once or twice when you exposed
your deepest longings and passions. But chances are you
haven't even come close to experiencing mutual vulnerability
in your relationships.
Here are some steps you can take to deepen the intimacy
with your partner.
1. Take baby steps. Don't share your entire life story when
you are new in a relationship. If you've been in a relationship
for a long time, don't suddenly *spill your guts* about everything
you've ever thought of, dreamed of, fantasized about. Build
your castle one brick at a time.
Whenever you have the opportunity (date night for instance )
share maybe one new thing that you've never talked about before.
Taking your time will not only build trust, it will build a
stronger foundation for your relationship to rest upon.
2. Make time and space for deep sharing. It is hard to share
personal thought and ideas if you have kids running around or while
sitting in the spectator stands at a sports match.
Seek out private places like parks, nature walks, candlelit dining
tables or even backyards watching fireflies. Sometimes having
a beverage and/or a snack can help slow you down and give you
enough time to begin some important conversations.
3. Talk about intimate issues. You can't grow deeply if all you ever
talk about is the kids and work. Your sexual life is (or will be
if you are working towards that goal) an incredibly important
part of cementing you two together. The bonds you build are
directly related to how open and honest each of you can be about
your intimate desires.
Bringing up "sex talk" can be uncomfortable, can't it? And depending
on how you approach it, the questions and answers might be so
vague that you really don't accomplish much.
One of the best ways I discovered to make these discussions
fun and non-threatening is to make our way through a list of questions
that someone else wrote so there isn't that feeling of "I wonder why
he/she is asking that question".
A great resource is at this website -
500 Intimate Questions for Couples
An effective way to go through questions like this is to have them
on your night stand or even cut up and put in a jar or box where you pull
out one or more to answer.
Deep intimacy takes time and effort to achieve but like building
a castle a brick at a time you eventually have a fortress that
can weather almost any attack.